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Welcome 💙

Welcome to Knights & Peasants!
If this is your first time finding out about us and want a quick overview of what we have done so far and how to get involved, then this page is for you!
One important thing to know is that we are a multichain project. We are live on both the Polygon and Harmony blockchain. These chains have different Knight art and have items that can be used cross chain in the future. The premise of gameplay on both chains will be the same, but with some differences that are outlined here.
If you want to find out what the game is about and how to get started playing in under 10 minutes, check out our beginner guides: Polygon beginner guide and Harmony beginner guide.
Harmony: The chain where we founded our project. We are currently live on Harmony and you can jump into the fun right now:
Polygon: The chain where we have expanded to. Our mint date was on November 4th and we are currently live. Join the adventure now:

Milestones 🏁

✅ March 26th - NFT Mint of 5000 Knight NFT's was sold out in under 4 days!
✅ April 2th - Launch of our utility token $KNIGHT starting at a price of $0.0315
✅ April 2th - Launch of emissions, every Knight NFT holder passively earns $KNIGHT tokens as outlined in our distribution model
✅ April 2th - Launch of our single staking platform called the Bank
✅ April 11th - Launch of our community voting platform called The Round Table
✅ April 18th - Launch of our native Marketplace
✅ April 22th - Art rework of the Knight NFT collection
✅ April 29th - Yield farms on our website
✅ May 5th - Wage farms on our website
✅ May 11th - Peasant mint and Peasant staking
✅ May 24th - Fiat on-ramp
✅ May 24th - DEX interface - swap $KNIGHT directly from our website
✅ May 24th - Music player overhaul and 3 new songs added
✅ June 10th - NFT Escrow service
✅ June 17th - Peasant daily tasks & Peasant rerolling
✅ July 5th - Item vendors
✅ July 18th - New website
✅ July 30th - New UI
✅ September 23th - Quest system ✅ November 4th - Polygon launch
✅ November 4th - Crafting & Forging

Upcoming releases ❗

Q1 2023 - "Hybrid" web 2 / web 3 updates for our entire App: moving parts of our app offchain to greatly increase user experience and ingame possibilities
Q1 2023 - Migration of the KnP Harmony part away from Harmony to a TBD chain