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The Knight NFT is at the core of the Knights & Peasants ecosystem. There are 5000 Knight NFT's. This NFT collection launched on the Harmony blockchain on 26th of March 2022 and sold out in 3 days.

On Polygon, our 5000 Knights minted out on November 4th 2022. Most of the info on this page applies to both Harmony and Polygon, but check out this page for an overview of the changes of the Polygon ecosystem compared to Harmony.

Knight holders on Harmony are a key element in our tokenomics and are at the center of our questing system. Knights are the main character of Knights and Peasants.

Stats and Traits

Every Knight has a set of base stats: Health, Attack, Defense, Speed and Charisma. Part of these base stats are completely random, while others are influenced by rarity ( more on this further down this page).

You can make you Knight stronger by upgrading it and by using items that increase a Knight's stat points. The stronger your Knight is, the more chance you have of successfully completing Quests.

How are a Knight's starting stats decided?

You might notice that every Knight has different stat points. Below are the steps that show how these stats are initially decided.

  1. Every Knight starts with 50 Health and 1 stat point in all the other stats( 50/1/1/1/1)

  2. Boosted stat is decided based on rarity brackets. Any point in step 3 and 4 that is added to a boosted stat ( if you have a boosted stat) has a chance of becoming 2 stat points. ( see below)

  3. 8 points are randomly distributed to every Knight. The example Knight could now have 60/2/2/3/4.

  4. Based on rarity, another batch of stat points are randomly allocated to a Knight. This ranges from 20 to 8 stat points. Let's say our example Knight is the most common Knight out there and gets 8 stat points: 80/4/4/4/5.

  5. Stat points from traits are added. Weapon, armor, helm and cape all provide different stat points. A common Iron helm might add 1 Defense, a Golden crown will add 3 Defense and 3 Charisma.

Knight's base stats are now decided. The two ways below is how you increase your stat points even further.

  1. Add stat points from upgrades. These benefit from a boosted stat if you have one.

  2. Add stat points from Knight blessings ( an Item NFT). These benefit from boosted stats if you have one.

Boosted stats have a 20% chance of doubling a stat points. If you happen to have a stat boosted twice, this chance is 40%.

The item called "Holy Water" can be used to reset your allocated stat points. When you use it, all the points you allocated yourself using upgrades or Knight Blessings will be able to be assigned again. The random stat points provided by Greater Knight Blessings will turn into points that you can assign yourself as well.

Daily $KNIGHT token earning

By having a Knight NFT in your wallet, you passively earn 1 $KNIGHT token per day. This can be increased by upgrading your Knight on the profile page on our app, as seen in the image above.

The upgrade costs and $KNIGHT token increase that comes with the upgrades can be found on the Distribution Model page.

What to look for when buying a Knight NFT?

Different things appeal to different people!

There are some things that you could look at:

  1. Cosmetic value: pick the Knight that you think looks best!

  2. Amount of upgrades. A 26 income Knight means that all upgrades on that Knight have already been paid for. That Knight will emit 26 $KNIGHT tokens per day, and also has more stat points.

  3. A Knight with increased stat points due to rarity or upgrades the previous player might have done. That Knight may just be the Knight you're looking for to complete a certain Quest.

You can buy a Knight of the following marketplaces:

Harmony: - https://knightsandpeasants.one/#/marketplace - https://nftkey.app/collections/knightsandpeasants/ Polygon: - https://opensea.io/collection/polygon-knp

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