Background story of the Kingdom of Rensmira

The kingdom of Rensmira is now under the rule of Good King Petranโ€”a name given to him by the people. Under his rule there is peace and prosperity, however, this new age was only heralded in by the downfall of his father.

King Demetrius ruled Rensmira in what is known as the Age of Dark. With aggressive policies towards neighboring kingdoms and a demand for expensive tithes from his surrounding client states, many kingdoms feared and despised Rensmira. The militaristic culture of Rensmira demanded that citizens participate in combat training, causing many to hide in their homes and keep their families hidden away from census-takers.

Petran was a child during the height of his fatherโ€™s rule. Being groomed for his eventual position as king, Petran was often present during military briefings and strategic meetings with Rensmiraโ€™s top generals. From a young age he was exposed to the ruthless nature of his fatherโ€™s rule, and he despised it.

Petran began his combat training when he was a young teenager. While preparing for the eventual succession of his father, he slowly realized he had the power to undermine the king and take the throne.

One night in the dead of winter, Petran and a contingent of his most loyal guard rode out from the capital to the gates of four neighboring kingdoms, risking his life for peace. The other rulers hesitantly met with Petran, and over the course of a single night, three of the four kingdoms agreed to ally with Petran if he could overthrow his father and institute more peaceful policies with the neighboring kingdoms. In the coming weeks, the neighboring kingdoms assembled their troops and put their generals under Petranโ€™s command.

Petran led the coup in a quick assault on his kingdom. Under his leadership, no blood was spilled. Instead, the foreign troops surrounded the city and Petranโ€™s contingent of guards spread throughout the city distributing the news of the coup. With the overwhelming support of the citizenry behind him, Petran marched into the castle with a swelling assembly of citizens gathering outside the castle.

Showing his father how everyone had turned on him, King Demetrius had no choice but to deliver the crown to Petran, effectively crowning him King. Petran wasted no time in exiling his father from the kingdom, giving him a small contingent of guards to keep him safe while he traveled elsewhere to carve out a new life.

Under King Petranโ€™s rule, Rensmira has flourished. However, rumors are beginning to stir that a figure resembling the exiled king has been spotted wandering the kingdomโ€™s bordersโ€ฆ

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