Harmony - Peasants

The cornerstone of any strong economy, Peasants will be able to forge their own destinies within our Kingdom and have a whole range of utility that we can keep expanding as we develop. Peasants are NFTs without a max supply. Via very small weekly batches, the supply slowly grows.
There is alot to talk about regarding Peasants, so we will go over every bit of info you need here. It is divided in 3 sections:
  1. 1.
    Peasant attributes
  2. 2.
    How to acquire Peasants
  3. 3.
    Peasant utility

Peasant attributes

Each Peasant has 5 attributes which can be seen on the Peasant page: :
  • Profession
  • Skill
  • Rarity
  • Labour ( indicated by the Shovel icon)
  • Talent ( indicated by the Book icon)


Peasants have a random chance of becoming one of multiple professions, for example: Farmer, Alchemist or Blacksmith. This profession is decided at the time of minting and is random.
Peasants will be able to level up their profession rank via profession books found on quests. Every Peasant starts out as Novice and can be upgraded all the way up to Grand Master.
  • Novice (starting level)
  • Amateur
  • Advanced
  • Competent
  • Expert
  • Grand Master


Similar to the profession of a peasant, rarity is decided at the time of mint and is indicated by the border surrounding them. Peasant rarity influences the bonus a Peasant provides to stats on Quests. Higher rarity means the Peasant gives a higher stat bonus to your quests).
These are the rarities:
  • Wood
  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Platinum
The ‘Labour’ attribute influences the amount of $KNP tokens a peasant emits daily.
This attribute is decided upon mint and will vary between 1-4.
The ‘Talent’ attribute will influence the effectiveness of a Peasant in Crafting. Crafting has not been released yet though, so this information is subject to change in the future. This could include crafting speed, cost of materials used and outcome of the craft.
This attribute is decided upon mint and will vary between 1-4.

How to acquire Peasants?

There are 3 different ways Peasants have are acquired:
  • A starting mint of 2000 Peasants was done on Friday 11th of November.
  • A weekly minting batch of 150 Peasants
  • Enrollment Scrolls
Weekly minting batch
To ensure a continuous supply of Peasants, we will do a small minting batch of 150 Peasants each week. These mints are done on a first come, first serve basis. Check out our Discord to see which day and time the mint is, as it may vary slightly.
Quest rewards
The Badge rewards and certain Quests can provide an Enrollment Scroll. This is an Item NFT that lets you mint a Peasant of your choosing ( Farmer, Alchemist, etc).

Peasant utility

Peasant $KNP emissions

Peasants automatically emit a small amount of $KNP tokens daily. The only thing you need to do is do a 1 time transaction to register them which is free and done from the Peasant page by clicking "manage tasks" and then registering. The amount of KNP tokens a Peasant gets are influenced by Peasant Labour, Peasant skill and Peasant rarity.
Here is how different stats will effect the amount of $KNP tokens emitted daily:
Base Income 0.025 / day Labour Bonus 0.025 * (labour - 1) Rarity Bonus 0.025 * rarity Skill Bonus 0.025 * level

Peasant rerolling

Not satisfied with the work ethic of your Peasants? You can now choose to cast them out from your Kingdom by using the ‘Reroll button’ and by doing so, making place for a new Peasant!
This is a good option for players who are looking for rare Peasants and not happy with some of their current Peasants. As a small added bonus, the new Peasant will carry a few KNP tokens that are yours to take.
Rerolling means that you will BURN 2 selected Peasant NFT’s and automatically mint one new Peasant. There is a 0.5 MATIC fee to burn a Peasant.
Keep in mind that if you do this, you permanently destroy the selected Peasants so the action is irreversible.


Peasants play an important role as they can accompany Knights on their quests and provide various bonusses to them. You can read more about our questing system here.
Both Peasant Rarity (Wood, Iron, etc) and Peasant Profession title (Novice, Expert, etc) will amplify the bonus a Peasant brings to a Quest. Below you will find the multiplier values, as well as the bonus each type of Peasant brings.
Peasant bonus
Farmer: 10 Health, 1 Attack Alchemist: 2 Charisma Blacksmith: 1 Attack, 1 Defense Hunter: 1 Attack, 1 Speed Chef: +25% Peasant effectiveness Priest: +20 Health Miner: +2 Defense Peasant rarity multiplier: Wood: x1 Iron: x1.25 Bronze: x1.75 Gold: x2.5 Platinum: x3.5 Profession title multiplier: Novice: 1x Amateur: 1.2x Advanced: 1.4x Competent: 1.6x Expert: 1.8x Grand master: 2x