🔄Polygon/ Harmony differences

Knights & Peasants have an ecosystem on two different chains: Harmony & Polygon. After the Harmony bridge hack, we felt it was necessary to offer our game and ecosystem on a second chain. This allows people uncomfortable with bridging to Harmony to try out our game and opens us up to a potentially much larger playerbase and community.

There are similarities between our game on Harmony and Polygon but also key differences. We are going to focus on what we believe web3 gaming should look like: a fun gaming experience WITH the web3 benefit of having ownership of your assets AND at a reasonable entry price.

Differences Polygon vs Harmony

  • Free Knights. To better suit the current market conditions and to allow Knights & Peasants to be accessible by a broad audience, the Knight NFTs will be free to mint. This page covers the mint specifically.

  • Use of $MATIC as the main token with a secondary token that works without liquidity and can be spent ingame: $KNP. This token will work like wage tokens do on Harmony. They are earned in-game, and spent ingame for ingame transactions such as leveling up peasants. They can be traded with other players using the ingame marketplace. Below you will find a list of things MATIC will be used for and what KNP is used for:

  • Knights will not automatically emit tokens. They will have an option to passively emit 1 $KNP token per day, which is unlocked when a Knight is fully upgraded.

  • Knights can be upgraded 4 times, each upgrade granting 6 stat points.

  • No more wage farms > Peasant leveling will now be done via profession books found on Quests. This removes the need to stake your peasant in a wage farm to earn experience and makes leveling up your Peasants a lot more smooth and intuitive.

  • You can buy stat points for your Knights using $KNP. For a large and progressively increasing $KNP cost, you can buy 1 stat point.

  • $MATIC spent by players in our ecosystem will be split three ways: 60% goes towards development of Knights & Peasants, 20% will be rewarded to players via Quests, 20% will be split to Knight holders. This means that your Knight NFT will passively earn a portion of every MATIC spent.

MATIC and KNP usage on Polygon

Badge cost: 10 MATIC

The Badge unlocks both Quests and the Item vendors. It has a one time fee to prevent multi walleting, but it also comes with a care package designed to help new players hit the ground running in our game. It will have various consumables meant to help you on your first quests, and enrollment scroll to get your first Peasant and some more useful items. It also passively gives you 5 $KNP tokens each day.

Knight upgrades cost: 1/2/3/4 MATIC Quest reroll cost: 0.1 Matic , 10 rolls max / day Vendor reroll cost: 0.025 Matic , 10 rolls max / day Weekly Peasant mint: 2 MATIC

Knight stat point buying: Increasing number of $KNP, example: 1000,1250,1500 per stat point Peasant upgrading: KNP Buying Items from vendor: KNP

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