Julius Elize

Full brother and former second in command of King Demetrius, Julius has always lived a life of nobility. However, when he was a child, he was often pushed to the side by his older brother and was told early on that he would never inherit the throne. Julius was never bothered by his parents’ decision as he desired no claim to power—instead, he wanted to travel the land and acquire knowledge about his people and the kingdoms of the world.
When Demetrius was crowned king, Julius pledged his allegiance and waited to see the prosperity of his brother’s reign. As the years passed and Demetrius’ militaristic nature pervaded the culture of Rensmira, Julius was torn between his love for his brother and the love for his kingdom. It was in Demetrius’ son, Petran, that Julius found hope, and he took the boy under his wing as his tutor.
Petran grew into a bright young man and, when he enacted his coup, Julius was forced to choose either loyalty to Demetrius, or loyalty to the kingdom. He hesitantly sided with Petran, and though he believed the kingdom was to thrive under the boy’s rule, a part of him still held fealty to his disgraced brother