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Polygon - Beginner guide

Knights & Peasants is a strategic NFT-based game which unfolds its epic tale within a medieval realm. As a valiant player, you shall dispatch knights and peasants on noble quests to acquire potent potions and mighty weapons, thereby growing in strength to confront ever more formidable challenges!
Through these quests, players amass experience points, which in turn can be used to level up their Knight Badge, an illustrious path laden with formidable rewards. These treasures can be wielded by the player or bartered in the thriving in-game marketplace, fostering a realm of camaraderie and commerce.
Knights & Peasants utilizes a trio of distinguished NFTs: Knights, Peasants, and Items. Each of these are 100% owned by players and freely exchangeable within our bustling marketplace.

So how do you start?

Questing is the core feature of K&P. You must lead your Knights into battle, aided by trusty items and loyal peasants. By diligently meeting the quest's demands, you will be able to earn a bounty of items and experience. Here are the two things you need to start playing. If you already have these, you can skip this and go straight to the Quests section. - A Knight NFT: if you do not have one, you can snag one up on OpenSea or in our native Marketplace: - Badge: This is a one time purchase of 10 MATIC that will unlock Questing, the Rewards track and allow you to enter a name that will show up on the Leaderboard. To get your Badge, go to: and pick one up.


The Badge serves two important purposes which we will touch on here.
Entry to Quests
Every player wishing to start their journey will need to buy a Badge. You only need to buy it once per wallet.
There is a certain amount of quests you can do for free daily and the Badge system is partially meant to discourage multi walleting, hence the one time fee.
Once the fee is paid you can choose a knightly name of your liking and when satisfied, hop straight into Questing!
Reward track
Behold the second wondrous facet of the Badge - the rewards track!
Your Badge has 50 levels, starting from 0 and ascending to the grand summit of level 50. Future content patches will introduce new Badge chapters, ensuring new excitement and rewards.
As you undertake Quests, you will earn Badge experience. When the experience threshold is crossed, your Badge can be leveled up and the rewards therein are yours to claim.
Elevating your Badge bestows a treasure trove of rewards and blessings. Each level brings its own unique offerings: from precious equipment and useful consumables, to Knight Blessings that permanently bolster your Knight's prowess. Among the most sought-after prizes lies an additional item slot, a boon of immeasurable value!


Once you have your Badge, it is time for adventure. Navigate to the quest map:
As you open the Quest Map, you will see a vast kingdom before your eyes. Each day, new trials and tribulations beckon your valor. Notably, you'll discern three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard.
  • Easy quests are carefully tailored for new players, boasting modest requirements and allow you to earn items relatively easily.
  • Medium and Hard quests are for the seasoned Knights, requiring stronger Knights and aid from items and peasants.
You can “Roll Quests” for free once a day for each difficulty, giving you 4 challenges per difficulty each day ( more on rolling Quests later on this page). Clicking one of the Quest icons indicated with a “ ! “ on the map, you will find a brief description of the task at hand before you are taken to the Quest preparation screen.
Prepare for adventure!
The Quest preparation screen is where you need to assemble your best setup for the challenge ahead. Let’s take a look at the different elements of the preparation screen and go over them one by one.
  1. 1.
On the left hand side of your screen you will find all Knights currently in your wallet. Selecting a Knight will move it to the middle of the preparation screen and its stats will be displayed just slightly left of the Knight ( the "black numbers" in the red rectangle marked with "4".)

2. Peasants

On the left hand side of your screen you will also find your Peasants. When selecting a Peasant, you “slot” the Peasant into one of the 3 Peasant slots. Each different type of Peasant comes with bonus stats ( this bonus is influenced by Peasant rarity and Peasant profession title). In this example, we select a Huntress.
As you can see, the Hunter provides +1 Attack and +1 Speed. This bring us a little bit closer to the Speed and Attack requirements ( 19 and 21 ) for this Quest. You can find a complete list of the bonuses Peasants provide on the Peasant page.

3. Items

When the requirements of a Quest lie beyond the capabilities of your Knights and Peasants, you possess another ace up your armored sleeve – your trusty items. A simple click on your item slots unveils an inventory filled with equipment and consumables, all at your disposal.
To reach the Health requirement of 240 for this Quest, we’re going to use a health potion which grants us +70 Health. To do this, simply click the circle above the Knight marked with "3" in the image shown earlier, and it will open up your inventory. Click the potion and it will go into the slot. You can use all three of your item slots like this. This puts our total Health for this Quest at 250, which is just enough.
Note that using a consumable item burns the item after the quest, using an equipment piece does not burn it and can be used multiple times.

4. Party stats and Quest requirements

Here you will see the requirements you need to meet. The more requirements you meet, the higher your chance of getting rewards and Badge experience. The red values are the requirements you need to meet and the black values are your total stats ( Knights, Peasants and Items combined). The number between the brackets is the bonus stats you have so far slotted in from Peasants and Items.
If you meet 3 out of 5 requirements ( 3 green numbers), you complete the quest succesfully and will earn rewards. By meeting 4/5 or even 5/5 requirements, you increase the chance of finding multiple rewards and meeting 5/5 requirements guarantees getting extra experience points for your Badge.
If you meet less than 3 requirements, you have a tiny chance of getting a pity reward.

5. Rewards

Venturing forth on quests shall bestow upon you a multitude of rewards, ranging from precious experience to an array of items. The potential riches that await you are displayed on the right side of your screen. Striving to meet more requirements increases your likelihood of garnering multiple rewards and amassing more Badge experience.
In the example, I have used some of my stronger potions to ensure I meet all 5 requirements. Once you press Start, you prompt a Metamask transaction and after signing, you instantly get the results of your Quest.
A successful result!
Upon the completion of a Quest, the valiant Knights and steadfast Peasants you employed in that undertaking are put on a Cooldown. Knights rest for a span of 2 hours, while Peasants require a well-earned 4-hour respite. This means that it is rewarding to have multiple Knights and Peasants to speed up the rate of gameplay, but it is not required. Your journey, your choices!
If it takes Metamask a long time to finish the transaction, try using a different RPC, like We have a dedicated channel on our Discord to help you out with setting up a different RPC, which will have transactions completing much smoother.

Rerolling Quests

Once a day, you can refresh your Quests for free. This means that you can do a maximum of 4 free Quests each day. Wether you completed the Quests or not won't matter if you reroll, all Quests will be rerolled.
If you wish to do even more Quests daily, you have the option to do so.
If you have already done the “free refresh”, you can choose to pay a 0.1 $MATIC fee to refresh the Quests again and get right back into the action. You may do this up to 10 times per day.


Once you have done a few Quests and got your first items, be sure to check out a marketplace: It is the heart of the Knights & Peasants economy. You can choose to sell your quest rewards here to other players, or buy items from other players to give you a easier time questing. Their are hundreds of items sold here every day.

What’s next?

After you have done a fair share of Quests on Easy mode, give the medium difficulty quests a shot! They have steeper requirements but they also award more Badge experience and better items. Mind you, Medium and Hard modes are not for the faint of heart. Use your peasants and items to help you achieve victory on these challenges!