🪙Polygon - Token

Knights & Peasants uses $MATIC as its power token. This means that we use Polygon's token as opposed to having a token with liquidity of our own. By not having a token of our own required to play, we decrease the complexity and barrier of entry and we can keep the focus on building a fun game.

We do have an ingame token called $KNP. This is a token that you can't buy off a DEX or CEX, you can only earn it ingame or buy it from other players on the Marketplace. $KNP is earned via quests and Peasants ( small amount of $KNP/day based on the Peasant attributes).

Here is how $MATIC and $KNP are used within our game:

Badge cost: 10 MATIC Knight upgrades cost: 1/2/3/4 MATIC Quest reroll cost: 0.1 Matic , 10 rolls max / day Vendor reroll cost: 0.025 Matic , 10 rolls max / day Peasant upgrading: KNP Buying Items from vendor: KNP

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