Robert Alaman

Robert is a childhood friend of King Petran, growing up in a family that worked as servants under King Demetrius. While their interactions were discouraged, both Robert and Petran often shirked their duties to cause havoc and get into playful shenanigans around the castle.
Their difference in class never interfered with their friendship, but both of the boys faced backlash from their respective cohorts as they aged. While Petran was scolded for associating with a servant, Robert was envied and berated for his close relationship with the nobility.
Robert continued to work under King Demetrius into his late teenage years, when Petran subtly announced his plans for a coup. On the night of Petran’s expedition to the neighboring kingdoms, Robert looked over Petran’s bedchambers and ensured his absence went unnoticed. Once King Petran was crowned as the ruler of Rensmira, Robert and his family, including his new wife and children, were released from servitude and granted a position of nobility within the King’s menagerie, though they rarely acted the part.
Robert and his children can often be spotted on the docks or within the lower markets of Rensmira, associating with the people that supported him during his youth.