๐Ÿ“–Randel Khin

Randel is the General of Rensmiraโ€™s standing army, having served under both King Demetrius and King Petran.

Randel was a soldier from the moment he could walk. Often found getting into scraps with young children his age and fashioning dull sticks into sharp weapons, combat was second nature to him. He began his independent weapon training before the legal age of thirteen, and by the time most other children were first beginning their lessons, Randel had already acquired an apprenticeship from Rensmiraโ€™s best blacksmith.

His abilities captured the eye of recently-crowned King Demetrius, and he was made a Brigadier General in a small branch of the Rensmiran army. He continued to prove his ability throughout King Demetriusโ€™ rule, and eventually reached the position of General. It became commonplace for him to advise the King on strategic military movements, though he disagreed with the Kingโ€™s desire to target weak or innocent kingdoms.

After King Demetrius was dethroned, Randel was allowed to keep his position and continue acting as Rensmiraโ€™s Generalโ€”as long as he worked tirelessly to undo the damage the army had wrought under the former king.

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