Knights and Peasants

Last updated January 17th, 2023
Knights and Peasants is a strategic NFT-based game, taking place in a medieval setting. The game revolves around Questing and earning rewards but also houses a massive player driven economy.
The core feature of the game is Questing to earn experience for your Badge and find valuable rewards that you can either use yourself or trade with other players.
Knights & Peasants utilizes three different types of NFTs: Knights, Peasants and Items, all in-game assets that are truly player-owned and freely tradeable on our marketplace, Opensea or OnePlanet.
We utilize Polygon's own token MATIC as our power token and we are using a revenue share model. Players will get to earn a share of all MATIC spent within our game by holding a Knight and can increase that share by actively Questing. Start here! will give you an overview of our milestones achieved so far and our beginner guide will get you set up playing in under 5 minutes!
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