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Last updated November 1th, 2023

Knights & Peasants is a strategic NFT-based game which unfolds its epic tale within a medieval realm. As a valiant player, you shall dispatch knights and peasants on noble quests to acquire potent potions and mighty weapons, thereby growing in strength to confront ever more formidable challenges!

Through these quests, players amass experience points, which in turn can be used to level up their Knight Badge, an illustrious path laden with formidable rewards. These treasures can be wielded by the player or bartered in the thriving in-game marketplace, fostering a realm of camaraderie and commerce.

Knights & Peasants utilizes a trio of distinguished NFTs: Knights, Peasants, and Items. Each of these are 100% owned by players and freely exchangeable within our bustling marketplace.

Prepare for an epic journey by watching our features trailer right here:


Knights and Peasants is browser based, so your trusty Metamask extension and a single Knight is all you require to begin your adventure and bask in rewards within mere minutes: https://polygon.knightsandpeasants.one/#/marketplace


Delve into our beginner guide, seize a sword, and set forth on your heroic endeavors in less than 5 minutes!

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