Shira the Seer

Shira was a talented young woman from birth, though her abilities drew fear and ire from those around her. As an infant she never cried, and instead stared into empty spaces with a cloudy shimmer over her eyes. She learned to speak and walk very early on, and would often predict the future before it came to pass.
Her mystical abilities, while feared, were coveted by King Demetrius, who recruited her as a young teenager to join his court and help him with strategic battle plans. Shira quite enjoyed her time in the castle, if only for the fact that the nobles there were unafraid of her—if anything, they displayed apt curiosity in her abilities. She spent much of her days, when not guiding the King on his next move in battle, telling the nobles their futures and what they could do to avoid a horrid fate.
Curiously, Shira foresaw the coup that would overthrow King Demetrius, but knowing of Petran’s prosperous and peaceful reign, decided to not speak of it. Instead, she lived with the knowledge of the coup for months, until it finally occurred. While it is not spoken of openly, Petran attributes much of his success to Shira, and her subtle moves to ensure the coup was successful and bloodless.