Polygon - Items

Items can be acquired via quests and item vendors.

Item vendors

Every Peasant available has a vendor. The item vendor will have a randomized variety of items available for purchase. The items can be purchased using $KNP tokens.
Each day, you can “reroll” the items the vendor has to offer freely and hope the vendor has a rare item for sale. After the first reroll, you could reroll again if you want, but it will come at a $MATIC fee of 0.025 $MATIC. You can reroll up to ten times a day. 24 hours after the first free restock, the timer will reset and you will go back to a free reroll to restock the vendor.

Item categories

There are 3 different types of Items at the time of release: equipment, materials and consumables.
Consumables are items that will be burned upon use. Remember, quests will have 4 item slots where you can take items with you to increase its success rate. A tomato for example, will give you +3 Health if taken with on a Quest. After the quest is finished, the tomato is burned.
Fresh Tomatoes
Equipment are items that are not burned when used in a Quest. The Sickle will provide +5 attack when taken with on a Quest, but will not be burned after and can be used multiple times.
Materials are items used in crafting and building structures. Both of these features are a while away, but if you want, you can start slowly stocking up on materials. That Dragonsteel Bar might be used for something very cool in the future, and a handful of nails might be useful when building your structures once our city-builder element is introduced.
Dragonsteel Bar


Your inventory can be found at our app: https://polygon.knightsandpeasants.one/#/items