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Questing is the core feature of Knights and Peasants. Players will be able to test their Knights in battle and use items and peasants to assist them, all to earn items, experience and $MATIC tokens.
This page is Broken up into several parts:
  • Badge
  • Quests
  • Knight stats
Let’s explore them!


The Badge serves two important purposes which we will touch on here.
Entry to Quests
Every player wishing to start their journey will need to buy a Badge. You only need to buy it once per wallet. A Badge is a one time purchase of of 10 MATIC that will unlock Questing, give you a starter package consisting of useful items and a Peasant AND a Badge passively gives you 5 $KNP tokens per day.
There is a certain amount of quests you can do for free daily and the Badge system is partially meant to discourage multi walleting, hence the one time fee. The rewards you can get via the Badge far exceed this initial Badge cost though.
Once the fee is paid you can choose a name of your liking and when satisfied, hop straight into Questing!
Reward track
The second purpose of the Badge and the most exciting one is the rewards track!
Your badge has a level, starting with 0 and ending at 50. Future content patches will increase this Badge cap, leading to an endless amount of fun and adventure.
By completing Quests, you have a chance to earn Badge experience. When reaching the experience tresshold for your current Badge level, you will be able to level up your Badge and claim your rewards.
Leveling up your Badge comes with great rewards and perks. Some levels grant equipment and handy consumables, others come with Knight Blessings which increases your Knight’s stats. Some will reward $KNP token bags and some reward extremely rare items. One of the most coveted rewards is an additional item slot, which will greatly assist you in taking on the toughest of challenges.
In future content releases, Badge levels will always play a major role in the world we are building. Questing and the Badge will always be relevant and content will always be added to this exciting new feature!


Once you have your Badge, it is time for adventure. Gather your allies and prepare to take on the numerous threats surrounding the city of Rensmira!
As you open the Quest Map, you will see a large map of the Kingdom. Every day, new challenges await you here. You can “Roll Quests” for free once a day, giving you 4 challenges each day ( more on rolling Quests later on this page). Clicking one of the Quest icons indicated with a “ ! “ on the map, you will find a brief description of the task at hand before you are taken to the Quest preparation screen.
The Quest preparation screen is where you need to assemble your best setup for the challenge ahead. Let’s take a look at the different elements of the preparation screen and go over them one by one.
  1. 1.
On the left hand side of your screen you will find all Knights currently in your wallet. Selecting a Knight will move it to the middle of the preparation screen and its stats will be displayed just slightly left of the Knight.

2. Peasants

On the left hand side of your screen you will also find your Peasants. When selecting a Peasant, you “slot” the Peasant into one of the 3 Peasant slots. Each different type of Peasant comes with bonus stats ( this bonus is influenced by Peasant rarity and Peasant profession title). In this example, we select a Bronze Hunter.
As you can see, the Hunter provides +2 Attack and +4 Speed. This bring us a little bit closer to the Speed requirement ( 30) for this Quest. You can find a complete list of the bonuses Peasants provide on the Peasant page.

3. Items

If you can’t reach the Quest requirements using your Knights and Peasants, you can use one of your items. By clicking on the item slots, you open an inventory with all of the equipment and consumables you could use. To reach the Health requirement ( 150) for this Quest, we’re going to use a small health potion which grants us +30 Health. This puts our total Health for this Quest at 150, which is precisely enough!
Note that using a consumable item burns the item after the quest, using an equipment piece does not burn it and can be used multiple times.

4. Party stats and Quest requirements

Here you will see the requirements you need to meet. The more requirements you meet, the higher your chance of getting rewards and Badge experience. The red values are the requirements you need to meet and the black values are your total stats ( Knights, Peasants and Items combines). the number between the brackets is the bonus stats you have so far slotted in from Peasants and Items.
Sometimes you don’t need all 5 stats to complete a Quest. In this Quest charisma does not matter and thus the total requirements you need to meet are 4.

5. Rewards

Even a virtuous Knight such as yourself does not go out into the wild just to kill time. You want to be rewarded for your efforts! Quest rewards will help you on your next Quests and they also drop important crafting materials and building materials needed for our upcoming Crafting and Land features!
The possible rewards are shown on the right hand side of the screen. Meeting more requirements increases your chance of getting more than 1 reward and also getting more Badge experience.
Example: meeting 5/5 requirements gives you a chance for 3 rewards from the loot table as well as a chance to gain double Badge experience. Meeting 3/5 requirements grants no guarantee of any reward at all and meeting 0/5 requirements gives no rewards at all.
Let’s pick a strong setup and try to fill as much requirements for this challenge as we can and see what rewards we get!
Despite my best efforts, I could not reach the Speed requirement. We start the Quest with 3/4 requirements filled. Starting the Quest triggers a MM transaction and after that, the result screen pops up.
A successful result!
We earned 1 Badge exp and a Frozen Metal Ingot! Of course, all items found on Quests are NFT’s that will be tradeable on our marketplace.
After you have done a Quest, the Knights and Peasants you have used in that Quest are put on a small cooldown ( 2 hours for Knights, 4 hours for Peasants)

Rerolling Quests

Once a day, you can refresh your Quests for free. This means that you can do a maximum of 4 free Quests each day. Wether you completed the Quests or not won't matter if you reroll, all Quests will be rerolled.
If you wish to do even more Quests daily, you have the option to do so.
If you have already done the “free refresh”, you can choose to pay a small $MATIC fee to refresh the Quests again and get right back into the action. You may do this up to 10 times per day.
The fee is 0.1 MATIC.

Knight Stats

The most important character during your Quests is of course your Knight!
Why increase your Knight's stats? There are two main reasons why you'll want to increase your Knight his stats. The most important reason is that you will be better able to meet Questing requirements. The more requirements you can meet, the bigger your earning potential. The second reason to have a maximum upgraded Knight is that it passively emits 1 $KNP token per day.
Because of the importance of Knights and how important their stats are, let’s explore how you can increase them.
By navigating to the Training Camp you will find all of your Knights have a set of “Base Stats”.

Increasing your Knight’s stats

There are 2 ways you can increase a Knight’s stats.
Knight Upgrades
Every upgrade you do to your Knight in the Training Camp grants you 6 stat points which you can then allocate to the stat(s) of your choosing. You may do 4 upgrades per Knight at a cost of 1/2/3/4 MATIC ( 10 MATIC for a max upgraded Knight).
Knight Blessings
A Blessing is an Item NFT that can be found as a Quest reward or awarded via the Badge. Using a Knight Blessing burns it and grants you 1 stat point to allocate to a stat of your choosing.

How to choose which stat to upgrade?

A few factors may help you decide what stats to choose. Every Quest has certain requirements and it helps to have a roster of Knights that covers all bases. If you find that all of your Knights lack a decent amount of Charisma for example, it might be wise to upgrade one of your Knights and boost his Charisma a bit. If you don't you will keep struggling with certain quests that have high Charisma requirement.
You may also notice that your Knight has a boosted stat. This is indicated by a "+" next to one of his stats. If a stat is boosted, every point you allocate to it has a 20% chance to give a bonus point to that stat. If a stat has a double boosted stat (++), each point has a 40% of giving a bonus point. It can be wise to spend points on boosted stat points as you have a chance to get bonus points on those.
A Knight with a boosted Health stat