Token utility

The $KNIGHT token will be used as a currency within Knights and Peasants. Here is a list of the current utility. Utility will grow over time time as development progresses.
  • KNIGHT token is used to upgrade the elements of your training camp, to increase the KNIGHT income you have. Go to Distribution model for more information on this.
  • You can stake your $KNIGHT tokens in The Bank to earn a share of all $KNIGHT tokens that are spent within our ecosystem ( 10%).
  • Used to make transactions on our Marketplace
  • Used to mint Peasants
  • Used to level up Peasant professions
  • Used to bundle your Wage tokens into tradeable Coin Bag NFT's
  • Used to make trades via our Escrow service
  • Used to reroll Peasants
Breakdown of where the spent KNIGHT will go:
Every KNIGHT token spent within the game will be sent to several multisig wallets. This is to ensure that KNIGHT rewards can keep being emitted to players of the game and also to let us keep developing Knights and Peasants. 40% Quest reward pool
20% Development fund - 0x6254Dd8Fd0095b8664ce84d8A3605d6A275a4F92
10% Marketing fund - 0x8546c91b43C9618c7A581c86D3f9dEC6e5989723
10% Bank
10% Team - 0xbCa4b69B76039DB5fAdcCc19706af252c4deD524
10% Burned - 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead