Distribution model

Holding a Knight NFT passively earns you 1 $KNIGHT / day. This income can be upgraded to earn more tokens each day. By unlocking the “Training Camp” upgrade, you increase the $KNIGHT earnings by +1 per day. Also, you will unlock more ways to increase your income. In the table below you will find the income increase and cost of each upgrade.

Some notes regarding the Upgrades

  • The "Training Camp" upgrade must be upgraded first before the other upgrades open up.
  • There is no cooldown between the upgrades. Given someone has the required amount of KNIGHT tokens, all the upgrades could be done right after eachother.
  • There is no "order" in which upgrades have to be made. You could max out Sword Mastery first and then move on to Armor Mastery if you'd want.
Training camp emission table
KNIGHT tokens spent on upgrades will be sent to distributed like this:
40% Quest reward pool
20% Development fund - 0x6254Dd8Fd0095b8664ce84d8A3605d6A275a4F92
10% Marketing fund - 0x8546c91b43C9618c7A581c86D3f9dEC6e5989723
10% Bank
10% Team - 0xbCa4b69B76039DB5fAdcCc19706af252c4deD524
10% Burned - 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead
When the max supply is reached, emissions will stop. From that point on, you will only be able to earn $KNIGHT tokens via quests and special events. These rewards will be emitted by the Quest fund.