Items can be acquired via quests and item vendors.

Item vendors

Item vendors can be found on our app: https://app.knightsandpeasants.one/#/vendors.
Every Peasant available has a vendor. The item vendor will have a randomized variety of items available for purchase. The items can be purchased using Wage tokens, meaning you would use wFarmer to purchase items at the Farmer vendor and wAlchemist to purchase items and the Alchemist vendor.
Each day, you can “reroll” the items the vendor has to offer freely and hope the vendor has a rare item for sale. After the first reroll, you could reroll again if you want, but it will come at a $KNIGHT fee of 10 $KNIGHT. You can reroll up to ten times a day, but the $KNIGHT fee of doing so will be increasing each time: 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250. 24 hours after the first free restock, the timer will reset and you will go back to a free reroll to restock the vendor.
To discourage players from making multiple wallets for a free restock, there will be a one time fee for unlocking the vendors on a wallet of 100 $KNIGHT.

Item categories

There are 3 different types of Items at the time of release: equipment, materials and consumables.
Keep in mind that since our questing system is not released yet, the usecase for these items is not immediate. You can start stocking up if you want, but if you prefer to wait a bit until you can better judge which items you will want, that is fine too of course. For more info on quests, read the quests section.
Consumables are items that will be burned upon use. Remember, quests will have 4 item slots where you can take items with you to increase its success rate. A tomato for example, will give you +3 Health if taken with on a Quest. After the quest is finished, the tomato is burned.
Fresh Tomatoes
Equipment are items that are not burned when used in a Quest. The Sickle will provide +5 attack when taken with on a Quest, but will not be burned after and can be used multiple times.
Materials are items used in crafting and building structures. Both of these features are a while away, but if you want, you can start slowly stocking up on materials. That Dragonsteel Bar might be used for something very cool in the future, and a handful of nails might be useful when building your structures once our city-builder element is introduced.
Dragonsteel Bar


Your inventory can be found at our app: https://app.knightsandpeasants.one/#/items