City Builder

Knights & Peasants will have a city-builder element that is currently under development. Our vision is for each player to own their own piece of land and shape it as they see fit. Players may:
  • Place a variety of different buildings anywhere on their Land including: an Alchemist Lab, Barracks, a Jousting Arena, a Tannery and more!
  • Upgrade your buildings by using items found on quests or crafted by your Peasants!
  • Upgraded structures unlock new crafting recipes and provide bonuses to your Kingdom!
  • Trade crafted items freely with other players on our Marketplace!
  • Gather items to craft decorative statues or trees to give your Kingdom a unique look!
  • and MUCH more!
This exciting vision is currently under development and we expect to have it released by November/ December 2022.
However, this does not mean you have to wait, as we have a ton of features released already that have you jump right into the action!
The previous page will explain how to get started in the KnP universe, and then explain the concepts of Knights, Peasants, Items, our Questing system and wage tokens!