Gen K

"Gen K" is a PFP collection done by the same team as the Knights & Peasants team. It is a different project with its own vision and roadmap.
Because it is a project done by the same team and the overlap in communities, we wanted to include a page in these docs briefly explaining what Gen K is.
For a more detailed look, check out our Gen K Roadmap:
Gen_K_Whitepaper_Roadmap (3).pdf
Gen K is a PFP project that will launch on the Polygon blockchain. The Discord is currently open and may provide WL oppurtunities as well as an active community: https://discord.gg/genknft

Gen K brings:

•A trusted and dedicated Team, well known for building, delivering, and supporting the Polygon community. •Fresh, clean art, a premium NFT collection with relatability yet badassery. •A community who intend to build themselves up together. Sharing alpha calls, bringing their content creation to the forefront of Polygon, and creating a network who thrives in web3. • WL & raffle opportunities.