Yield Farm

To further stabilize our token and have more liquidity for our $KNIGHT TOKEN, we have decided to set up our own yield farm on our platform. Not only does this serve as a form of passive income for our $KNIGHT holders and lp providers, it has helped us design a range of additional utility for the upcoming peasants (this is discussed within the Wage Farms page).
The Farm will run for little over a year and emit 2500 $KNIGHT per day to holders that are providing liquidity within our pool on DFK. These rewards will be 100% unlocked.
Teams usually pre-mint a certain amount of tokens to allow for farms to be created and funded, OR allow the farm to mint tokens on demand. Our $KNIGHT token does not allow arbitrary mints and has been locked down to the emissions of the training camp, similar to the model outlined here.
For this reason, we are currently saving up our team funds and planning on donating 1,000,000 $KNIGHT tokens from our wallets (this is the target total amount, however it maybe be deposited over multiple transactions during the course of the emissions window. This is due to the rate we can earn tokens ourselves, which have been limited to a static rate for community trust as well as ensuring we can't mass mint and manipulate the market.
We have chosen to fund the farm ourselves as ultimately we want to give back to the community and we believe recycling tokens through our ecosystem helps get the token in as many unique wallets as possible, will reduce sell pressure from our team and hopefully help maintain a healthy token.
Our yield farm, simply named "The Farm", is a feature within Rensmira that allows holders of $KNIGHT to stake within the ecosystem. An pre-requisite to use The Farm would be for the wallet to pair their $KNIGHT with $ONE in Defi Kingdoms. Once the LP token is received, it can be staked in The Farm. Stakers will be rewarded with daily emissions subject to a maximum daily amount with relation to the percentage of the pool owned by the user. We have decided that 2500 $KNIGHT tokens will be emitted daily from The Farm and rewarded to the stakers, relative to their pool ownership. This is basically the same as you would get from a yield farm on a DEX platform.
A quick example of a daily yield for 3 stakers in The Farm could be:
User A -> 1000 LP tokens (50% of pool)
User B -> 500 LP tokens (25% of pool)
User C -> 500 LP tokens (25% of pool)
Daily Emissions: ~2500 $KNIGHT
User A -> ~1250 $KNIGHT
User B -> ~625 $KNIGHT
User C -> ~625 $KNIGHT
Naturally, as more holders enter the pool, these numbers change and the personal yield will reduce as the pool becomes bigger and ownership percentages are reduced.

Withdrawal fees

Here are the withdrawal fees for our farm in blocks and in time ( blocks have been calculated at 2-second finality.
Same block to prevent flash loan attacks: 25% (similar to most DEX platforms) First 3600 blocks: 4% 3600 - 43200 blocks: 2% 43200 - 302400 blocks: 0.25% 302400+ : 0.1%
Same block: 25% Within 2 hours: 4% Within 24 hours: 2% Within 7 days: 0.25% After 7 days: 0,1%