The Round Table

To involve our community in important decisions for Knights & Peasants, we having a community voting platform in place called 'The Round Table'. We will periodically do proposals to the community on important manners and each Knight NFT holder can cast one or multiple votes, depending on how many Knight NFT's are owned.
When we put up a proposal, we will always announce it via our official channels and make a detailed writeup of what the proposal is about. Once we are ready, we sign a transaction and the voting is available until the announced duration is over.
We chose not to use publicly available platforms such as snapshot.org to host of voting/proposals/governance. This is primarily due to the limitations we initially assumed we could come across. Our main requirement of a voting platform was the freedom to choose which assets a user could vote with.
We designed the contract to only allow a wallet or specific NFT collection to vote once. For example, our first proposal used to vote whether the Knights should have an art revamp allowed each Knight token to vote once, regardless of the wallet that currently holds it. In the future, we have the capability to use other NFT collections or even cast votes relative to a wallet's $KNIGHT balance, however this would only allow a wallet to vote one regardless of the balance.
You can find The Round Table via our website or directly via this link: https://knightsandpeasants.one/#/roundtable