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Your goal in Knights & Peasants is to gather resources and items, level up your Knight Badge, make your Knights and Peasants stronger and eventually, build your own Kingdom.

So how do you start?

Questing is our core feature. To start questing, you need two things: - A Knight NFT: if you do not have one, you can snag one up on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/polygon-knp - Get a Badge: This is a one time purchase of of 10 MATIC that will unlock Questing, give you a starter package consisting of useful items and a Peasant AND a Badge passively gives you 5 $KNP tokens per day. To get your Badge, go to: https://polygon.knightsandpeasants.one/#/badge and pick one up!
We understand that getting involved in a new P2E project can be overwhelming at first, so we HIGHLY recommend joining our Discord community. There is 24/7 support available to answer any questions you might have.


Questing is the core feature of Knights and Peasants. A lot of the moving parts in our ecosystem come together here and a ton of adventure, fun and rewards can be found here!
If you have completed the two steps above ( you own a Knight and have a Badge), you can now go check out the Quests page for an indepth look on how you can start questing with the biggest chance of success. If you want to learn some more about the various types of NFTs in our ecosystem, continue reading on this page!


5000 Knight NFTs were minted on the Polygon blockchain on November 4th. There are plenty of Knights available on the secondary market, which you can find here: https://opensea.io/collection/polygon-knp
  • Knights are required to go on Quests. The stronger your Knights are, the more chance you have to successfully complete Quests and earn rewards such as $MATIC, experience and items.
  • Knights passively earn a share of all $MATIC spent in our ecosystem ( 20% is shared between all Knights).
  • Knights can be upgraded to increase their stat points. You can upgrade your Knight 4 times, each time giving you 6 stat points, for a cost of 1/2/3/4 MATIC. A max upgraded Knight also gives you 1 $KNP daily.
Check out the Knight page for a more detailed look at Knights.
A Knight NFT


Peasants are NFTs that are important supporting characters in the Knights & Peasants world and play a major role. There are several ways to get your hands on a Peasant NFT which can be found on the Peasant page.
  • Peasants can join a Knight on a Quest. Each Quest comes with multiple "slots", which you can fill with up to three Peasants. Depending on the type of Peasant, its rarity and how much you upgraded the Peasant, they will provide a bonus to your Knight, increasing the chance of successfully completing the Quest.
  • Peasants can also go onto a Daily Peasant task, which earns them $KNP tokens. These tokens can be used to buy items.
Visit the Peasant page for an in-depth look at Peasant NFTs and again, make sure to join our Discord to ask any questions you might have!
A Peasant NFT


Items are NFTs which can be acquired via Quests and item vendors, or through crafting in a future release. They can also be bought and sold on our native marketplace.
There are different categories of Items: Equipment, Consumables and Materials. Each serve different and important purposes and more categories may be added in the future.
More info on Items can be found on the Item page.
A Health Potion NFT


More than just a P2E project, we are a passionate, positive and friendly community❤!
Our Discord is more than just talking about our project. We organize Game (K)nights, talk about sports and the weather, and support eachother in the volatile space that is web3. You will find that being a Knight is more than a pretty PFP, it is being part of a wonderful community and making new friends.
Become a Knight and join us: https://discord.gg/SmXhU4ab7c