Wage Farms

The foundation of every great kingdom is a strong economy. Wage farms provide players with Wage Tokens, which are crucial in our ecosystem and are among other things, used to purchase Items.


The Wage Farms are comparable to a Yield Farm, where you earn tokens based on your stake in the pool compared to other players in the same pool. If you have LP tokens staked in our Yield Farm, you unlock the option to earn Wage tokens in the Wage farms. The Wage farms can be seen as an "extension" of the Yield Farm and can be found on our app:
Each wage farm will have its own relative Wage token, with a ticker in the form of wX. For example, the "Farmer Wage Farm" is a wage farm that emits "wFarmer" and the "Alchemist Wage Farm" is a farm that emits "wAlchemist". These wage tokens have a range of utility, like leveling up Peasants or being exchanged for ingame items at an ingame vendor.
New wage farms release over time and will be themed around each available Peasant. So if we release a new Peasant like the recently released Blacksmith, a new Blacksmith Wage Farm would be opened.

How to acquire Wage tokens

There are 5 ways to acquire Wage tokens:
  1. 1.
    Through the wage farms, explained on this page.
  2. 2.
    Through Peasant Daily Tasks - Read this section for info on that.
  3. 3.
    Airdrops - We do weekly airdrops of Wage tokens, join our Discord for info on that!
  4. 4.
    Buy them from other people on our Marketplace!
  5. 5.
    Quest rewards & Badge rewards

How does it work?

Each wage farm is effectively a yield farm that emits a daily amount of tokens to a user relative with relation to a small collection of specific values. These values are:
  • The LP staked by the wallet in the main yield farm
  • A user controlled allocation for that Wage Farm (percentage based)
  • Staked Peasant NFT
The amount you stake in the Main Farm will directly translate at a 1:1 ratio to the amount of Wages you are allocated. This ratio will never change and gives us a base amount to use within the wage farms. As your position in the Main LP Farm changes, so too will your position in the Wage Farms. A player can decide which Wage Farms they want to allocate their base amount to.
Wage farms emit a daily amount of 300 tokens daily, per farm. Their main usage will be within ecosystem relative vendors, allowing holders to purchase quest relative items that may be required at the time or can be sold on the secondary market.
Example scenario:
User A has 100 LP tokens in the main yield farm. They now have 100 tokens simulated in the wage farms. The following wage farms will be available: the ‘Farmer’ and ‘Alchemist’ farms. User A can choose to allocate 100% to either farm, or any custom split they decided. For ease of calculations, let’s use 50% for each:
User A has 100 LP tokens in the main yield farm
User A has 100 ‘tokens’ to allocate in the Wage Farm
The ‘Farmer’ job is allocated 50% of resources (50 ‘tokens’)
The ‘Alchemist’ job is allocated 50% of resources (50 ‘tokens’)
With 50% allocated to each wage farm, they would earn the daily base rate of the specific wage token, multiplied by a scalar that is relative to the ownership of the main yield farm, multiplied again by their allocation.
When a deposit or withdrawal on the main lp farm is initiated by the player, each wage farm will be ‘harvested’ and then the holdings in each wage farm are recalculated.
Let’s look at another example:
User A owns 50% of the main yield farm (100 LP tokens)
They have 50% allocated to each Job (50 tokens per wage farm)
A base rate of 50 $WALCH and 50 $WFARMER are emitted from the wage farms.
This means, that the $WFARMER earnt by User A would roughly be:
(100 * 0.5) * 0.5 => 25 daily

Bundling Wage Tokens

Players have the option to sell their Wage tokens to other players on our Marketplace .
Wage tokens can be bundled into stacks of different sizes at the Bagger: https://knightsandpeasants.one/#/bagger
Upon ‘Bundling’ the tokens the player will receive a Bag, which is an HRC-721 token, that will contain information about the wage token type and the number of tokens inside. The newly acquired ‘Bag’ can be freely sold on the market to other players and unwrapped at any time, receiving the wage tokens inside.

Peasant Staking

Each wage farm allows a Peasant of the same theme to be staked within the farm. For example, a "Farmer Peasant" could be staked in the "Farmer Wage Farm". Staking a Peasant will further increase the daily yield of the wage farm by a set amount and give the Peasant experience relative to the time staked.
The longer a Peasant works in its relevant wage farm, the better they get at their craft!
A minimum requirement of 300 LP is necessary for a peasant to earn experience while staked.
There is no minimum requirement of LP necessary for a peasant to earn wage tokens.
By staking a Peasant in the relevant wage farm, they will provide a bonus to wage farm emissions. You can find more info about Peasants on this page.